Tire Gloss Gel

Tire Gloss Gel

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SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is an all-new tire restoration and conditioning formula from the chemists at SONAX. The innovative gel formula penetrates the tire surface hydrating and revitalizing the rubber. SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is rich in specially engineered silicon, achieving an intense, semi-gloss with a fresh, clean showroom shine. Each application lasts for several weeks. One bottle of SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is sufficient for up to fifty (50) tire applications

Directions for use:

Wash heavily-soiled tires with SONAX Car Wash Shampoo or SONAX Multistar Universal Cleaner and allow to dry. Squeeze an ample amount of SONAX Tire Gloss Gel onto an application sponge and evenly massage into the sidewall of the tire. Repeat steps until the sidewall are completely covered. If necessary, re-apply SONAX Tire Gloss Gel until the desired degree of shine is obtained. Move the vehicle slightly to treat the underside of the tire.

Please note:
Do not apply SONAX Tire Gloss Gel onto the tire threads or brake system. This product is not suitable for motorcycles or bicycles. Do not apply to the interior or other rubber components.

Product Attributes:
Dual Action Cleaner and Conditioner.
Silicon-Rich Formula provides a deep, new tire look.
Revitalizes old and faded tires.
Approved for use on any tire.

Product Size:
500ml (16.9 FL OZ)

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