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Originally developed to protect helicopter blades from sand abrasion in the Gulf War. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is designed to take the abuse your paint normally would, keeping your paint looking new and maintaining maximum resale value. Paint Protection Film has advanced tremendously in recent years and is extremely difficult to detect once applied properly. 

Back-Up Cameras

Backup camera installation can be a time consuming and difficult process. Here at Extreme MotorSports we will have the right tools and professional experience to make sure your backup camera installation is as quick and safe as possible. 


At Extreme MotorSports, we offer cutting-edge laser and radar detectors to clients all over the Tri-state area. From portable units to custom-installed solutions, we have you covered. Every year, more and more people recognize the need for a detector to help them avoid needless tickets, fines and increased insurance rates.

Remote starts

Our technicians are fanatical about our remote starter integration process. Each electrical connection we make is soldered to ensure maximum reliability and performance. All of our workmanship is backed by a warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars is a special polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint, creating a layer of protection and gloss giving it that new car look. Utilizing a next-gen formula based on nano-technology that’s specially crafted to provide a layer that protects your car from a variety of things like UV exposure, chemical stains, surface scratches and more. We have customers all over the Tri-state area who love it!